EPGD Law Shining Star : Meghan Goicouria

EPGD Law is proud to announce that our good friend, Meghan Goicouria of Granny Nannies of Miami, was our chosen interviewee for this #ShiningStar edition!

About Meghan:

Meghan was born in San Francisco, California and raised in Central Florida. She studied aging and healthcare administration at UCF (University of Central Florida). She was awarded a full tuition scholarship for her duties as a student athlete on the national championship cheerleading team. She graduated with a BS in Health Service Administration. Following graduation she worked a short stint as a case manager for a homeless youth shelter, but she knew her passion was for the geriatric population. She worked diligently at becoming a Core Trained Assisted Living Facility administrator. This training aided her when she landed her dream job as a Sales & Marketing Director at an upscale assisted living facility in Orlando, FL.

After assisting this company in the launching of the facility’s first ever home care division she decided to research and open a franchise of her own. After much research Meghan decided that Granny Nannies was a perfect match for her. The location available (Miami-Dade) was ultimately where Meghan wanted to plant roots and the franchise system seemed to have a genuine and family like interest in her success as a business owner. Granny Nannies was the perfect match for Meghan’s core values, education background, and corporate experience.

Meghan opened the doors to Granny Nannies of Miami on 12/05/2011 and has since been operating one of the fastest growing home care agencies in the county of Miami-Dade & Monroe. She was named Young Entrepreneur of the year for the South Atlantic region in 2017 and has recently been named a finalist for the National title planned to be announced on 02/21/2018. She resides in the city of Miami with her husband and two children. She strives to provide the community with a valuable resource through Granny Nannies.

Interview time!!!

1. What would the movie title of your life be?
“Organized Chaos”
2. What is the strangest talent you have?
The only task I use my right hand for is to write. Everything else is with my left hand: cutting, sports, etc is with my left! 
3. What is the most annoying question that people ask you?
I have two daughters and people ask me all the time, “are you going to go for the boy?” Why? I am not inbreeding them. LOL I would be perfectly fine with a third girl! 
4. Name two things you consider yourself to be very good at.
Problem Solving & Empathizing 
5. What do you think you will be doing 20 years from now?
Traveling a good portion of the year with my family and working on my business, not in my business. Connecting my business with a 501c so I can give back to the community/demographic that I love.
6. What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?
Try to inspire the younger generation of woman in a positive and empowering way. 
7. Have you ever won anything? What was it?
The first-ever national championship for UCF. and Young Entrepreneur of the year.
8. Who would you choose to be your mentor, if you had the choice?
Ivanka Trump…I know everyone will love this one 😉 
9. What’s a fear you’re proud to have overcome?
Having an unmedicated, all natural water birth at home. ​
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions and letting our readers get to know you more!
If you’d like to get in contact with Meghan and learn more about Granny Nannies of Miami, she can be reached at meghan@grannynanniesmiamidade.com