Niuris Bezanilla, Esq.

I was born in Cuba and came to the United States when I was three years old. Since then, I’ve been living in the beautiful paradise that is Miami.

At first, I wanted to be a forensic psychologist because I believed that it’d be nice to help others in the mental health field. I remember when I was younger that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field but after my experience with a chemistry course, I felt that it wasn’t meant to be. I later came to the conclusion that I could help people more as an attorney.

I am great at predicting TV shows and movie endings, which I must say might upset people at first. Every time, I’d call the ending in the first episode, and I usually get it right. Perhaps that explains why I may sometimes find myself watching shows and movies alone.

During my time at Florida International University College of Law, I came into contact with many different branches of law and found that probate was the most appealing area to me. I believe that overall, education is one of the most essential part of our lives and for myself as well, personally.

My most memorable job has been my time at America Reads. During this experience I was working and assisting elementary school teachers. The schools I’d be working at had low economic resources which had really been eye-opening to me at the time.

I love food, yes, I am a foodie. It is my guilty pleasure, anything regarding desert is under my jurisdiction. Chocolate and ice cream are heaven on earth to me. Recently, MOJO donuts and Cold Stone have been my go-to places to match my cravings. My typical order at Cold Stone would be half coffee ice cream and half sweet cream with an embarrassingly amount of caramel and brownie. My husband would jokingly describe the amount as “when you feel there’s enough and are embarrassed to say keep going, you keep going another two times.”

Personally, I believe that social justice is a very important subject that must be addressed, and I am fortunate enough to help people who are affected and oppressed by this issue through my services. Making an impact is very important to me, as well as helping those who need it the most. I believe most people have a misconception of what estate planning is and whether or not it is expensive, and this may discourage them from creating an estate plan. Estate planning is affordable, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to do this.

I love animals and being around them. My ultimate goal is to have a farm with rescue animals and spend the rest of my days nursing and taking care of them. It would be my own personal paradise.