Gisela completed her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology at FIU, and she is currently pursuing a Master’s in Forensic Science to further her expertise in the field.

She was born and raised in Miami, Florida..

Gisela’s legal expertise spans across Defense Base Act, Medical Malpractice, and First Party Property cases, showcasing a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. Outside of her academic pursuits, she actively participates in philanthropic efforts, dedicating her time to feeding the homeless in the area twice a month.

Embodying the motto “Do what makes you happy,” Gisela finds solace and joy in the simple things in life. Morning rollerblading on the beach is a cherished routine, setting the tone for a productive day ahead.

Additionally, she nurtures her adventurous spirit through leisure travels, exploring new destinations and embracing different cultures along the way.