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Kimberly Terralavoro

Kimberly Terralavoro

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and when I was very little, moved to the outskirts of Raleigh to a county by the name of, Johnston County. I always found it funny growing up that people called it “Joco.” Growing up, I enjoyed participating on outdoor activities like riding go-carts, driving my pimped-out golf cart, swimming, and many more. I even remember driving my four-wheeler when I was younger, which was really a sight to see. Nowadays, young people are forced to go outside and exercise, but in many cases, my mom had to drag me into the house because of how much I enjoyed being outside.

My husband and I moved north for the thrill of adventure and change of scenery. We very much enjoy and love traveling and experiencing new cultures and areas. When we decided to move to Miami, I was nervous regarding experiencing a different environment, but to my surprise I fell in love with the lively food and people. Personally, I am very fond of the Florida Keys, it is a great place to visit. The journey itself to the Florida Keys feels other-worldly to me as I ride with my husband on his Harley-Davidson bike and I feel the wind gently splashing on my face.

For some reason I have not found yet the answer to this, but I really get along with people from Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and upstate New York. I have met some wonderful people that happen to be from those places! They are dear to my heart.

One of my guilty pleasures is that I am a huge foodie. My favorite meal is basically anything Italian, but a good, true, Italian pizza, hits just the spot.

In my free time, I enjoy anything Cricut related, and motorcycle rides. I love football. While I do root for the Carolina Panthers and North Carolina State University, I do love to watch other teams and learn the different plays of the game. Also, I enjoy going to see the Florida Panthers on the ice. And yes, I love panthers.

Some of my past job experiences range from working as a Marketing Director, Billing Coordinator at a medical center, an Executive Assistant to a Real Estate Agent, and as a Starbucks Barista… I know the coffee secrets and don’t get me started on the “secret” drinks you can make with all of the fun flavors! When I was seventeen, I even worked a twenty-one hour shift once on a Black Friday.

My ultimate life goal would be to travel to Europe, backpack different parts of Italy, and visit where my husband’s ancestors originated from. Also, visiting France, especially Paris, would be a very romantic experience to share with my husband. One day, I’d like to retire and spend my days anywhere there’s a beautiful sunset with my husband by my side. Perhaps, the mountains in Tennessee, the fascinating views of South Carolina, or the beautiful and immaculate scenery of the Florida Keys.

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