Moshiko Malka

Moshiko Malka holds an LL.B. in law since 2010.

He is owner and founder of the law firm Malka & Co., with rich legal experience in the legal field and in the management of thousands of legal cases, as well as handling real estate transactions of all kinds.

The law firm of Moshiko Malka & Co. was established with the aim of providing all its clients with a personal, professional, comprehensive and optimal service. The best and most comprehensive, while striving for legal and business excellence.

The firm takes care of employing leading and professional lawyers in their field who have many years of experience in various areas of law, including: real estate law, commercial law in all its forms and family law. Over the years, the firm has accumulated successes and victories both in complex cases handled by us in the various courts and in representing our clients in transactions of significant economic scope.

Lawyer Malka, who was born in Dimona, Israel and grew up mostly in his grandmother’s house, was educated in light of the principle of helping others and in particular low-income populations. After being injured in the military service and facing a challenging legal system and after working for several years in the high-tech world, Moshiko decided to study law, out of a sense of mission and a desire to give his clients the best personal, professional, comprehensive service.

Moshiko believes that an attorney who provides legal representation in agreements of all kinds must have extensive legal knowledge based on the practice and jurisprudence and therefore, the firm’s lawyers deal extensively with representation in courts in various fields and in various courts.

Thanks to many years of experience in diverse real estate transactions and the business and practical understanding of the needs and complexities that each and every transaction brings, Moshiko also specializes in a variety of professional malpractice lawsuits by lawyers and ensures the interests of clients harmed by unprofessional and even negligent representation.

Immediately after his certification in 2012, Adv. Malka established the law firm of Moshiko Malka & Co. and he heads it and has managed it ever since. During his years of work, Malka Lawyer has gained extensive experience both in the legal field with an emphasis on real estate law, commercial law, professional negligence of lawyers and family law and in the business field, thanks to real estate entrepreneurship projects he takes personally and his experience in international trade.

Today, in addition to leading the firm, he writes opinion columns in the press in real estate supplements, is invited to interviews in his areas of expertise on the radio and lectures to various professional forums including the Bar Association, nursing homes, schools, We Stage Academy, Realtors Forum and more.

Lawyer Malka represents first-rate real estate and business people in Israel and abroad and is involved in diverse and world-wide transactions.

Bar Admissions

Israel 2012.


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