Protecting Businesses, Business Owners, and their Families

Corporate Advising, Contract Drafting and Negotiations, Protecting Intellectual Property, Tax Planning Strategies, Navigating Employment, Franchise Law, Estate Planning and Asset Protection, Probate and Guardianship, Commercial Disputes and Litigation.


Master the Facts, Attention to Detail, Getting Results

Our talented attorneys utilize technology, hard work, and compassion to help every client. By embracing technology, a multilingual staff of energetic and excellent attorneys, and a business-first attitude, we always strive to be on time, on a budget, and to demonstrate excellence in all forms of communication with our clients as we focus on their goals and the most efficient ways of accomplishing them.

In litigation, we leverage our knowledge and experience to give the client an honest assessment of their case at the beginning. Unrealistic expectations doom the attorney-client relationship from the outset. Our ability to get the client the results he/she seeks depends entirely on our attorneys’ core value of “saying what they mean and meaning what they say.” Opposing counsels know quickly that with EPGD you will never get the industry standard empty threat or transparent litigation-speak. We are fully prepared to take every case through trial from the outset. Most civil litigators try very few cases and the vast majority are unwilling to follow through on their case all the way to the end. Our ability to leverage that core value is what allows us to get our clients consistent results.


Passionate about Protecting Businesses and Business Owners, Getting Results and Solving Problems

We are passionate about entrepreneurs and startups because we have gone through it ourselves, and we believe that entrepreneurship is the key to American Prosperity and the American Dream. We love working with companies as they grow out of their first offices, hire their first full-time employees, and enjoy the growing pains of early success. We are also there for companies as they mature, and the owners start planning for their legacy.  And we are always there to protect what they have built.

The run of the mill Miami law firm will value billing the client above getting the client results. That is not us, that is what separates EPGD. We are the law firm that will see the client’s project through and provide value on a budget to get the client the results they seek. Our number one goal is to provide value and get results. Our firm’s financial success follows from that principle rather than standing in front of it.