At EPGD Business Law, our attorneys safeguard your assets by taking a proactive approach to maximize your protection against potential risks.

Experienced Asset Protection Attorneys in Miami-Dade County

Often, individuals and small-business owners are unaware of the potential risks that can harm their businesses on a day-to-day basis. Asset protection is an element of estate and financial planning that protects one’s assets from potential claims from creditors. In some instances, your assets may be at risk of liabilities arising from another asset you own. 

At EPGD Business Law, we believe in planning ahead to avoid crises rather than waiting for them to happen and responding. By taking this approach, we are able to bring our clients true security and peace of mind. To optimize your protection, we ensure your assets are safeguarded. Learn more about how we can assist you by calling (786) 837-6787 or reaching out online.

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Assets?

Do you own a business? A cherished family home? High-value retirement or investment accounts? If so, you own assets that have significant financial worth. If you face a lawsuit or are targeted by creditors, these items could be forfeited. 

That is why asset protection matters. Taking legal measures and protecting assets shields them from potential claims. That helps ensure that you will retain ownership of the property that matters most and be able to pass it on to the next generation. 

Benefits of Expert Asset Protection Legal Counsel

The most effective way to legally protect your property is to consult skilled asset protection attorneys. An estate or financial planning attorney can help you by:

  • Making an inventory of your assets;
  • Restructuring assets or business entities;
  • Assessing the potential tax impact of various solutions;
  • Finding the best trust for ownership of your assets, such as a revocable or irrevocable trust, BVI trust, or special needs trust;
  • Drafting estate and financial planning documents to ensure your property is protected.

The knowledgeable Miami asset protection lawyers at EPGD Business Law work to analyze you as an individual and tailor their work to your needs. They will take your unique circumstances into account and recommend a plan that will protect your assets from creditor claims today and in the future.

Consult Expert Florida Asset Protection Attorneys

At EPGD Business Law, our experienced attorneys understand the risks your assets face. We are dedicated to helping our clients effectively protect their assets for themselves and their heirs. We are available to assist with both financial and estate planning to ensure you are prepared for whatever the future may bring. Learn more about how we can assist you with your asset protection needs by scheduling your consultation with our Miami asset protection law firm today. 

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