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Real Estate Law

At EPGD Business Law, we provide comprehensive legal advice for real estate transactions, guiding our clients from negotiations all the way to closing.

Our attorneys participate in contract drafting and negotiations. The time to engage an attorney is before starting negotiations, and especially before signing a contract. This is a crucial step in the real estate transaction process, and an attorney can negotiate the terms of the contract and limit your liability. Once a contract is signed, an attorney can only review and explain the terms, rather than negotiate for terms that serve all the parties involved while minimizing the potential for disagreements and lawsuits.

Often times, buyers and sellers believe that brokers can represent all of their needs and do not consult an attorney. This is can be a huge mistake and is a very common mistake in real estate transactions. Brokers often consult and use “standard-form” contracts, and do not consider a deal’s specific requirements. On the other hand, a real estate lawyer can revise and draft the contract to meet the parties’ specific needs, by including conditions that the buyer or seller must satisfy before closing.

Thus, since consumers do not consult attorneys ahead of time, many real estate transactions end in litigation. Our litigation department is experienced in handling real estate disputes; including disputes between home owners, business owners, landlords, and tenants.

Finally, all real estate professionals need to have a network of real estate professionals to maximize their abilities. Our firm has developed many valuable relationships with realtors, surveyors, lenders, lien search reporters, title insurance underwriters, and mortgage brokers. We can assist with every aspect of a transaction, representing buyer, seller, or both as a dual representative.

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