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At EPGD Business Law, we provide comprehensive legal advice for real estate transactions, guiding our clients from negotiations all the way to closing.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Attorneys in Miami, FL

Florida residential and commercial real estate transactions are complex and represent significant investments by all parties involved. Whether buying or selling a property yourself or on behalf of a business, working with an experienced attorney is critical. Discover how the Florida real estate law firm of EPGD Business Law can help by calling 786-837-6787 or contacting us online.

The Importance of Legal Representation During Real Estate Transactions

Many buyers and sellers believe brokers can fulfill their needs and do not consult an attorney. This is a frequent and significant mistake in real estate transactions. Brokers often consult and use “standard-form” contracts and do not consider a deal’s specific requirements, such as the unique needs of a business. In contrast, a lawyer can revise and draft the agreement to meet the parties’ specific needs by including conditions that the buyer or seller must satisfy before closing.

Our attorneys participate in contract drafting and negotiations. The time to engage an attorney is before starting negotiations, particularly before signing a contract. This is a crucial stage in the transaction process, and an attorney can negotiate the terms of the agreement and limit your liability. Once a contract is signed, an attorney can only review and explain the terms rather than negotiate for terms that serve all the parties involved while minimizing the potential for disagreements and lawsuits.

Expert Legal Counsel in Real Estate Litigation 

Many consumers do not consult attorneys ahead of time, which causes many real estate transactions to end in avoidable lawsuits. The litigation department at EPGD Business Law is experienced in handling real estate disputes, including those disagreements between homeowners, business owners, landlords, and tenants.

In addition, our expert Florida real estate lawyers have significant expertise representing and acting as consultants for brokers and other industry professionals. Our firm has developed valuable relationships with realtors, surveyors, lenders, lien search reporters, title insurance underwriters, and mortgage brokers. We can assist with every aspect of a transaction, representing the buyer, seller, or both as a dual representative.

Schedule Your Consultation With Expert Miami Real Estate Attorneys

At EPGD Business Law, our skilled real estate attorneys are deeply familiar with Florida laws and regulations. We are prepared to help you draft contracts, navigate transactions, and help you protect yourself against liability. 

We also have significant experience mediating and litigating disputes and aggressively advocating for our clients in court and at the negotiation table. Learn more about how our Miami real estate law firm can assist you with your foreign reporting requirements by scheduling your consultation today.


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