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Immigration to the U.S.

Experienced Immigration Attorneys

EPGD Law provides a full range of immigration, work visa and green card legal services to business and individuals, from entrepreneurs, employees to family members seeking to emigrate permanently and temporarily to the United States.

EPGD Law has experience providing clients throughout the United States and worldwide with real solutions to problems involving U.S. immigration and all related supporting legal work to establish smooth settlement in the United States including: real estate, business, banking, family and estate matters, consular processing from abroad, and general legal work for individuals and business.

Business Permanent Visas

EB-1 First Preference Priority Workers
EB-2 Advanced Degree Professionals and Exceptional Ability Workers
EB-3 Third Preference Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers
EB-4 Fourth Preference Religious Workers
EB-5 Permanent Residency Investment

Business Temporary Visas

B Visa Category
E-1/E-2 Treaty Trader/Investor Visas
E-1 Treaty Trader
E-2 Investment Visas
E-3 Visas for Work- Australians Only
H-1B Visa
H-2A Agricultural Visas
H-2B Temporary Visas
H-3 Trainees
J-1 Educational and Cultural Exchange Visa
L-1 Multi-National Executives
L-1 Blanket Petition
O Extraordinary Ability Temporary Visa
P Visa for Athletes and Entertainers
Q-1 International Cultural Exchange Visa
R Visas for Religious Ministers and Workers
TN Visas (Canada/Mexico)
Visa Waiver Program

From our offices in South Florida, we represent clients throughout the Miami-Dade County, Broward and beyond. Call us at 768-837-6787 or e-mail us to schedule a consultation with an experienced South Florida immigration attorney.

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