At EPGD Business Law, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to effectively facilitate securities transactions.

Experienced Securities Attorneys in Miami, FL

Small and medium businesses preparing to offer new securities are subject to extraordinary scrutiny, oversight, and regulation. If your company currently offers or is preparing new securities offerings, consulting with skilled Securities Compliance and Governance attorneys is crucial. 

EPGD Business Law provides legal counsel to companies like yours. Our skilled Securities Compliance and Governance team can help you structure, review, and revise your private securities offerings. Learn how the Florida securities law firm of EPGD Business Law may assist you by calling 786-837-6787 or contacting us online.

Discover Bespoke Securities Legal Counsel From EPGD Business Law

Every attorney at EPGD strives to deliver practical, cost-effective counseling for a variety of securities issues. We seek to provide companies and their executives with business experience and quality legal counsel expected from a major law firm while delivering the customer service expected from a boutique law firm.

As the Entrepreneur’s Law Firm, EPGD advises commercial organizations on a wide range of corporate and business-oriented legal counsel at every stage of growth. Our dedication to small and medium size companies allows our attorneys to embrace clients sometimes overlooked by large law firms and help local businesses expand and grow our community.

EPGD Business Law’s Experience in Private Securities

EPGD Business Law’s Securities Compliance and Governance team regularly participates in structuring private securities offerings. Our attorneys are experienced in creating Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs), structuring the offering, and complying with state and federal securities law.

Our attorneys work with publicly held business clients to prepare periodic reports and registration and proxy statements. EPGD’s team prepares filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state securities commissions and advises boards of directors and board committees on a host of corporate governance, stock exchange listings, tax law, and compliance matters.

The firm strives to scale its representation to fit each client’s needs. Depending on your needs, this may range from simple investigations to ensure that your filings comply with constantly changing rules to a more comprehensive approach where our attorneys are actively involved in structuring and revising offerings.

Schedule Your Consultation With Expert Miami Securities Attorneys

At EPGD Business Law, our skilled securities attorneys are familiar with Florida laws and regulations as well as federal rules for structuring securities offerings. We are prepared to help you create Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs), structure your offerings, and confirm you always comply with state and federal SEC regulations. 

Learn more about how our Florida SEC filing law firm can assist you with preparing securities reports and complying with SEC rules by scheduling your consultation today.


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