Kai-Lin Hernandez

Kai-Lin, originally from Homestead, FL, is a dynamic individual with a background that reflects her commitment to both communication and psychology.

She earned her B.A. in Strategic Communications with a minor in Psychology from High Point University in 2017.

Beyond her academic achievements, Kai-Lin is deeply involved in the community, serving as a volunteer soccer coach for Soul & Sole, Inc. in Miami, FL. Her passion for sports extends beyond coaching, as she is a former D-1 soccer player and a proud member of the Jamaican national soccer team.

Kai-Lin brings her diverse experiences and skills to the table, both in her professional and personal life. Certified as an Advanced Scuba Diver, she finds joy in outdoor sports, particularly soccer and beach volleyball. Her guiding motto, “Be the light you wish to see in the world,” encapsulates her positive and proactive approach to life.


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