Lauren Cerda

Lauren Cerda Headshot

Lauren is currently a law student as the University of Miami School of a Law as a Dean’s Merit Scholarship recipient.

Lauren Cerda was born and raised in Miami, Florida and proudly attended Florida International University, where she acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, as well as a minor in Business Analytics in two years. Prior to this, she graduated from Saint Brendan High School where she believed her professional skills were enhanced and developed her admiration for the legal field, through the legal classes that were offered. She is currently a law student as the University of Miami School of a Law as a Dean’s Merit Scholarship recipient. As a law student, she actively serves as Vice President of the Real Property and Probate Trust Law Society, 1L Representative for the Business Law Society, elected Honor Board member, student ambassador, HLSA member, and Society of Bar and Gavel member. 

She is extremely interested in pursuing corporate law, intellectual property, real estate, and estate planning. 

Having been involved in various organizations at Florida International University and University of Miami, School of Law, she has participated in an abundance of community service by serving non-profits such as: Autism Speaks, Feeding South Florida, and Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. She also has served as a volunteer at different schools working with individuals affected by developmental disorders. 

Lauren had worked as the head legal assistant and notary for two years, where she further developed her skills by forming corporations and LLC’s, drafted corporate minutes, warranty deeds, estate planning documents and more. In her role at a boutique firm in Coral Gables, she developed an admiration for corporate law and the type of work ethic that is required to confirm your client’s success.

Lauren believes that it is such a blessing to be able to do what she loves every day and that every new day should be greeted with gratitude and the opportunity to tackle on a new endeavor or task, in which you can make a difference either in your life or impact those around you. 

During her free time, Lauren enjoys being active, enjoying the beach, as well as spending time with her friends and family.


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