Roberta Portella

Roberta Portella

Roberta Portella’s practice focuses on assisting domestic and international clients in a wide variety of legal aspects of the cross-border exchange of goods and services, including inbound and outbound investment, international litigation, export controls, sanctions, trade policy and government affairs in Brazil.

With a career encompassing leadership and management positions, Roberta is recognized by peers and the Brazilian international trade community as a trusted advisor for international clients in Brazil who seek tailored legal and regulatory strategic counseling on international trade issues.

After a long experience as a partner in a Brazilian full-service firm and being aware that the international trade counseling demands an extremely specialized and focused team, Roberta founded her own boutique law firm with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and presence in São Paulo. In 2019, inspired by her passion for the intersection of law and international trade, she founded, in a partnership with the most prestigious international trade association of Brazil – AEB, the first ADR Center specialises in cross-border commercial disputes, with particular emphasis on deals negotiated by Brazilian operators and foreign companies. In the educational field, Roberta currently teaches at Fundação Getúlio Vargas Law School – LL.M Programs since 2017, where her courses include corporate matters, business law, negotiations, mediation and arbitration, and she is a former JD course coordinator, having run a diverse of legal clinical programs and interdisciplinary studies.

She also serves on the boards of the Brazilian International Trade Association; she is member of CNI’s Workforce for the Brazil-UK bilateral commercial affairs; a member of the non-profit organization MBC dedicated to studies and initiatives for the reduction of the Brazil cost for investments; head of the Brazilian Bar Association International Business & Legal Affairs Commission (RJ) and regular member of both the Bar Association Fashion Law (RJ) and Intellectual property (SP) Commissions.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Roberta received a Master of Laws degree in Business Law from IBMEC and also a Master of Business in International Trade and Affairs from FGV, both ranked in the top 10 list of Brazilian schools of Law and Business. She is currently a PHd. Candidate from USP – University of São Paulo, at the International Law Department.

Roberta is fluent in Portuguese and English and is an active speaker in Brazil and abroad.


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