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Individuals, couples, and businesses can all run into financial trouble. Situations like layoffs, illnesses, and economic recessions can result in an accumulation of debt that it nearly impossible to pay off. If this occurs, the individual or business can initiate a bankruptcy proceeding.

The bankruptcy process is structured to give individuals and businesses a fresh start. Bankruptcy can prevent foreclosure on your property, wage garnishment, and stop creditors from pursuing legal actions against you or your business. However, it is important to be aware that bankruptcy does come with a price. Specifically, it can affect your credit and ability to borrow money for many years.

Bankruptcy can be a complex, and often misunderstood area of law. In fact, there are three major types of bankruptcies: Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11. The appropriate chapter is highly dependent on the facts of your individual or business needs.

At EPGD Attorneys at Law, P.A., we can analyze your current financial situation to determine whether bankruptcy is the best solution for you or your business and if so, the appropriate bankruptcy chapter.

We can answer your questions on a variety of bankruptcy issues, including:

  • Small Business Bankruptcies
  • Consumer Bankruptcies
  • Contested Bankruptcies
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
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