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I am a victim of an auto warranty scam: What can I do?

On a weekly or even daily basis, you might be receiving physical mail alerting you that your car warranty is about to expire. You may also be receiving calls telling you to renew your car’s warranty. You think it might be a scam, but can you be sure? A Florida Business Law attorney can help.

What we can learn from the July 2020 Twitter hacks

On July 15, 2020, several political, corporate, and cultural leaders had their Twitter accounts hacked. Although still under investigation, it is believed that a group of young people, not sophisticated hackers, carried out the breach in an attempted Bitcoin scam. 

Cybersecurity Defensive Measures in the Age of Work from Home

Massive security breaches occur every day—not even the most prominent politicians and businessmen are immune. On July 15, Twitter discovered fake tweets coming from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk’s accounts. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West were also subject to the hack.

Securities Class Action Lawsuits

A securities class action lawsuit is filed by investors who have bought or sold a company’s publicly traded securities within a class period and have suffered economic injury as a result of violations of securities laws.