What Is Non-Repudiation?

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Non-repudiation is an assurance that someone cannot deny the validity of something. Non-repudiation is a legal concept, but it has been increasingly applied to information technology under the term digital non-repudiation. Effective digital non-repudiation makes it extremely difficult for an opposing party to successfully deny a variety of information, such as the origin and integrity of data. Registered mail delivery and digital signatures/certificates are common digital non-repudiation services that you may be aware of.

What Is Safe Creative?

Safe Creative serves an important role as a leading digital non-repudiation service. Created in 2007, Safe Creative is the first global online copyright registry, providing digital copyright holders with strong “authorship evidence” for use against plagiarism or other misuse of copyrighted materials. Although a creator’s copyright over original digital works attaches as soon as the work is created, digital registration with Safe Creative offers a variety of additional benefits. 

  • Evidence of ownership and registration is backed with three different cryptographic fingerprints. The file is stamped with a date and time, and the information is immortalized onto the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Safe Creative allows users to upload a wide variety of file types up to 2 GB and safekeeps not only the identifying information, but the work itself. The validity of the evidence that Safe Creative secures is valid in all 179 signatories to the United Nations Berne Convention. 
  • Proof and registration information is permanently valid and interfaces with public websites and search engines.

Intellectual property registries such as Safe Creative do not grant rights. Still, for copyright owners, Safe Creative provides strong proof of ownership against a bad actor who wishes to take credit or benefit from the owner’s digital creations. This service is proving to be increasingly important for digital copyright owners who wish to protect their work from those who wish to appropriate it and sell it as an NFT. For corporate users, information verified by Safe Creative may provide the best evidence of a valid agreement that could otherwise divulge into an argument over a signature or message’s authenticity. 

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