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Month: December 2020
Marijuana Legal Info
Eric Gros-Dubois

What is Washington D.C.’s Stance on Marijuana?

In 2014 Washington D.C. voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, however, it did so with some strings attached. Knowing the dos and do nots of D.C. Marijuana laws can potentially help those who grow and use the substance avoid violating the strict laws that regulate the growing popular plant.

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Eric Gros-Dubois

Termination of Tenancy at Will in Florida

During these trying times due to COVID-19, many Miami residents have been out of work for months, making it nearly impossible to keep up with rent payments. Many of these Miami residents are being evicted. In some cases, these tenants have reached the end of their lease or do not have a written lease. The lack of a written lease may give the landlord the impression they can evict the tenant whenever they want, but Florida law states differently.

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Woman Holding Mothers Hand
Trusts & Estates
Elizabeth Fernandez

What is a Revocable Trust in Florida?

A revocable trust is created to manage assets during the lifetime of the person who created it, a grantor, and to distribute any remaining assets upon the grantor’s death. The grantor may name a trustee, which is the person who will be responsible for managing the trust assets or appoint himself to do so.

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