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What is an Independent Contractor?

Businesses can choose to hire a person as an independent contractor or as an employee. Some employers rather hire independent contractors because of the reduced costs in payroll and taxes. However, an employer must be certain that the worker that is classifying as an independent contractor is truly an independent contractor.

Are You Ready to Retire?

Are you on the right path to retirement? A retirement plan is not something to take lightly or put off to a later date.

Foreign Reporting for US Taxpayers 101

While it is not illegal to earn income abroad or to hold an offshore account, failure to disclose income to the Internal Revenue Service is illegal.

What is “The Uniform Transfer on Death Security Registration Act”?

Beneficiary designations on your financial accounts can provide a quick alternative to traditional estate planning strategies by making sure your accounts are not subject to probate, thus preserving your wealth and preventing unnecessary court expenses and proceedings.

The different kinds of Tax Penalties

Missed a tax payment? Here are the consequences.

Are Employees Legally Obligated to Take a Lunch Break?

Lunch Breaks: Are you in Compliance with Federal and State Law?

Are you liable for the documentary stamp tax?

Who Pays the Documentary Stamp Tax? In Florida, people who transfer real estate in exchange for value must pay a transfer fee, called a “documentary stamp tax,” on the documents used. The Florida documentary stamp tax has broad applicability, applying to deeds, instruments, or writings whereby lands, tenements, real property, or interests therein are granted Read More »

What is an Accidental Franchise?

Failure to follow the formalities required under state law and by the FTC might unintentionally create a franchise agreement.

So You Want to SELL a Franchise?

While the sales process time consuming and varies significantly from franchise to franchise, you should generally consider the following steps when selling your franchise.

So You Want to BUY a Franchise?

Buying a franchise offers are variety of benefits, such as instant name recognition and a customer pool that is already familiar with and attracted to your products or services.

Will You Lose Your Homestead if you go to Jail?

What is Homestead? Florida provides homeowners who make their Florida home their principal place of residence with a tax exemption. This exemption is called the Homestead Exemption and has different benefits. The exemption allows homeowners to exempt $25,000 (or $50,000 for married couples) from the taxable value of their home. Also, claiming Homestead provides exemptions Read More »

So You Want to START a Franchise?

If you own a successful business that is unique to you and are interested in expanding, franchising could be a great way to do just that.