Picture of policeman with truncheon frisking offender with raised hands
Civil Litigation
Eric Gros-Dubois

What are 1983 Lawsuits?

Our constitutional rights are inalienable and must not be violated by anyone, especially not the government. When government actors, such as

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Americans with disabilities act ada and glasses.
Business Law
Eric Gros-Dubois

What is an ADA Lawsuit?

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, was drafted into congress and is a civil rights law that aims to prohibit

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Gender inequality, unequal discrimination on lady or woman such as career, work or social rights issue
Tax Law
Eric Gros-Dubois

What is IRS Form 8843?

The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) first released Form 8843 in 1993 and has revised it every year from 1993 through 2021.

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The Entrepreneur's Handbook

This is a quick legal reference guide covering 16 topics that every business owner needs to have to start a business.


El Manual del Empresarios

Esta es una guía rápida de referencia jurídica que cubre 16 temas que cada empresario necesita saber para empezar un negocio.