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Do Non-Married Partners Have Inheritance Rights In Florida?

Long-term relationships and domestic partnerships are becoming more common in today’s society, which brings with it a host of legal issues, especially when it comes to estate planning and death. Unlike in a traditional marital relationship, when one of the partners becomes deceased, there are no marriage laws to protect the surviving partner when claiming the assets of their now deceased partner’s estate.

How Does Florida Regulate Payday Loans?

In Florida, there are various laws which prescribe limitations on payday loans. First and foremost, any company wishing to issue payday loans must be licensed. Notably, the additional restrictions under Florida law include limitations on the number of loans you can have outstanding per customer, the amount of the loan, the fees and costs that can be charged, and the collections process if a customer does not pay their loan back.

How to Foreclose on Homestead and Non-Homestead Properties?

In Florida, the homestead exemption does not have a property value limit. Having a homestead in Florida conveys numerous tax benefits on their owners. Therefore, many move to Florida from other states in order to receive those tax benefits as well as to protect their homestead property from forced sales.

Common Law Marriage in Florida

The concept of common law marriage originated in English common law. It typically involves a cohabiting couple enjoying the same or nearly the same rights as a legally married couple. Today, only a minority of states recognize common law marriages in the United States. 

What Is an Agricultural Tax Exemption in Florida?

The Agricultural Tax Exemption is a property tax exemption that landowners may receive, if they can show that their land is being put to agricultural use. Different states define “agricultural use” in different ways. For example, Florida requires agricultural use to be bona fide. Fl. Stat. § 193.461. “Bona fide agricultural purpose” is defined as a “good faith commercial agricultural use of the land.” Fla. Stat. § 193.461(1)(b) (2009). Some states require the agricultural use to be for commercial purposes, and for some profits to be gained from the land.

What is Pandemic Unemployment Assistance?

What is Pandemic Unemployment Assistance? The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (“PUA”) is a federal program, in addition to the CARES Act, that provides assistance to individuals whose employment is directly affected by COVID-19 and are not eligible for state Reemployment assistance benefits. This includes individuals who are independent contractors, gig workers, or self-employed. To receive this…   + Read More…

What Kind of Licenses do you need to Sell Jewelry in Miami?

Do you have to have a license to sell jewelry in Florida? To sell jewelry from home in Miami, you first need to create a business structure and register for a Florida Business Tax License. For a single member LLC, you need to provide the owner’s Social Security Number (SSN) and the business’s employer identification…   + Read More…

Is there a Grace Period for Rental Payments during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

A grace period is a predetermined period of time immediately following a payment due date during which a late fee or other is waived provided that the obligation is satisfied during the grace period.  Your grace period, if any, will be stated within your lease agreement, and will typically be limited to three to five…   + Read More…

CARES ACT §1102 Paycheck Protection Program §1106 Loan Forgiveness

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The CARES ACT passed by the U.S. Congress on Friday, March 27, 2020 and signed into law by President Donald J. Trump on the same day is a massive coronavirus relief bill that in part provides tremendous relief for small businesses currently in flux. Businesses and nonprofit organizations may be eligible for an…   + Read More…

Taxes Upon Conversion

Corporations are often today converted into “disregarded entities” for tax purposes, such as avoiding “double taxation”. A disregarded entity is a business that is not separated from the owner for tax purposes.

What is a Tax Clearance Letter & what is the Purpose?

A potential buyer should obtain a businesses’ tax clearance letter. If a buyer fails to conduct its due diligence on the tax side of the business, he or she could be on the hook for any taxes owed by the seller.

Is My Cryptocurrency Protected?

There’s a number of ways an individual can protect their cryptocurrency, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be safe. The arising issue with digital exchange is the fact that it can be a popular target for hackers.

What is Defamation?

Defamation is a false statement about a person, portrayed as a fact, that is intended to harm the person’s reputation. All the elements of defamation must be present, meaning that mere gossip may not always be considered defamation.

What you Should Know About CBD Infused Products

In Florida, Governor Ron De Santis signed legislation that legalizes state-licensed hemp farming and sales in Florida. On the other hand, the federal government still considers CBD to be in the same class as marijuana.

EPGD Law Shining Star: Daniel Cooley

Keeping the theme meeting new people, we are excited to introduce you all (and yes, we mean all of our dear friends from Coral Gables too!) to a new friend of the firm, Daniel Cooley of Cooley Creative Media! About Dan: Dant is a digial marketing consultant, and obsessive content consumer and creator from Monmouth…   + Read More…

EPGD Law Shining Star: Diane P. Perez, Esq.

In case you didn’t realize, we’re still in celebration of International Women’s Month. With that, we reached out to another influential #womanofpower, Diane P. Perez, Esq. Diane P. Perez is a Florida Board Certified Labor and Employment Law attorney. Diane is the owner of Diane Perez, PA. She practices exclusively in the area of labor…   + Read More…