Usurious interest rates
Eric Gros-Dubois

Usurious Interest Rate

What is Usury? Usury is the act of lending money at an unreasonably high interest rate. It also occurs when

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Deferred Compensation
Alex Cruz

What is Deferred Compensation and How Can Your Business Benefit from it?

Many Florida companies benefit from using deferred compensation plans for a variety of reasons. Some startup companies lack the current cashflow to hire key employees; however, the company might be able to attract the right candidate by tying a portion of the employee’s compensation to future corporate earnings.

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EPGD Law Trust and Estate
Kathrine Karimi

Do Non-Married Partners Have Inheritance Rights In Florida?

Long-term relationships and domestic partnerships are becoming more common in today’s society, which brings with it a host of legal issues, especially when it comes to estate planning and death. Unlike in a traditional marital relationship, when one of the partners becomes deceased, there are no marriage laws to protect the surviving partner when claiming the assets of their now deceased partner’s estate.

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EPGD Law Business Law
Business Law
Silvino Diaz

How Does Florida Regulate Payday Loans?

In Florida, there are various laws which prescribe limitations on payday loans. First and foremost, any company wishing to issue payday loans must be licensed. Notably, the additional restrictions under Florida law include limitations on the number of loans you can have outstanding per customer, the amount of the loan, the fees and costs that can be charged, and the collections process if a customer does not pay their loan back.

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