EPGD Law Shining Star: Phil Stevenson, CRMP

As we continue the new year with yet, even more, fun interviews, #EPGDLaw is happy to interview our dear friend Phil Stevenson of PS Financial Services.
A little about Phil:
Phil is 1 of approx 160 Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals (CRMP) in the United States,
and currently sits on the Ethics Committee of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders
Association (NRMLA).  He has been in the mortgage business since 2005, and started his own
reverse mortgage company in 2012.  PS Financial Services has become one of the top Reverse
Mortgage Companies in Florida, and has expanded to offer all mortgages in 5 states to be able
to help more people.
Phil earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with minors in Economics and
Geography from Florida International University. As a veteran of the wars in both Afghanistan
and Iraq, family values, honesty, and integrity are of utmost importance to him.  He is an avid
football and basketball fan, a Miami Dolphins season ticket holder, and spends as much time as
possible traveling the world.  His goal is to be able to work remotely while traveling like a
nomad throughout the world, once his kids go off to college.
Let’s get those questions started! Here’s what Phil had so say…
1. What would the movie title of your life be?
Austin Powers … when you think you are 007, but not really, lol


2. What is the strangest talent you have?
I can move my ears, simultaneously or one at a time.


3. What is the most annoying question that people ask you?
“Oh you’re color blind? What color is this?” Color deficient is probably a better description, since I do see color, but it’s hard to differentiate between certain colors. So yes, I see your RED shirt!


4. Name two things you consider yourself to be very good at.
I’m good with numbers, and I find my “off the top of my head” calculations are usually in the ballpark. I also have a knack for finding loopholes or ways to improve systems. Some would say I am good at manipulating the system, and I would agree 😊


5. What do you think you will be doing 20 years from now?
Traveling and living in my different in various countries, while working remotely


6. What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?
Invest those 15 minutes into something that would get me more minutes…LOL


7. Have you ever won anything? What was it?
No, on the contrary, I always feel like I just fall short of those things…


8. Who would you choose to be your mentor, if you had the choice?
No clue…


9. What’s a fear you’re proud to have overcome?
The Army teaches in their core values that the definition of courage is to do something that requires you to overcome your fear, like pushing forward when under fire from the enemy. Sales/networking was one of those HUGE fears I had to overcome. I remember standing up at my very first BNI meeting in 2006 and ending my commercial halfway through because the knot in my throat and the stars I was seeing in my eyes from my nerves wouldn’t let me continue speaking. I was so embarrassed, but I promised myself I would become the best public speaker possible. Now I speak and sell in front of crowds of over 100 people.
Thank you so much Phil, for taking the time to answer our fun questions! If you want to contact Phil directly, he can be reached at phil@psreversemortgage.com.

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