Press Release: February 18, 2014 – Alliance Makes Marchman Act More User-Friendly For Families

The Gabel Center – a drug and alcohol rehab in Fort Myers Beach, and South Florida’s EPGD Attorneys at Law, P.A., are excited to announce a new joint effort that simplifies the process of getting drug and alcohol abusers through the court room and into a world-class treatment center. The one-of-a kind collaboration takes advantage of Florida’s Marchman Act, a mechanism allowing families and concerned friends of addicts to petition a court to order them into treatment. With a single phone call and one point of contact, families can now both initiate the legal process and accelerate the placement of an addict into a top rehabilitation facility.

“We’re really excited about working with EPGD Law to make the Marchman Act more accessible and user friendly for families. No longer will the family have to spend hours making phone calls or doing research. One phone call can set up the Marchman Act process, as well as lining up treatment for their loved one”, says Jerry Bowling, CEO of The Gabel Center.

The holistic approach of the Gabel Center and EPGD Law eliminates costly and time intensive delays that arise when retaining a law firm to file a Marchman Act petition, while at the same time finding and securing a treatment bed for the person. Rather then placing this burden on the family, just one call to the “Marchman Act Hotline” gets the ball rolling on all fronts. A staff member trained on Marchman Act procedures answers the phone and seamlessly coordinates between the law firm, treatment center and family through all stages of the intervention.

Addiction is a chronic and potentially fatal disease. The Gabel Center works with families to provide comprehensive addiction treatment to attack the underlying symptoms of the individual. Those suffering from addiction may also make bad financial decisions, bankroll their addictive tendencies, and squander family assets. EPGD Law will not only be concerned with filing the petition and representing the family in hearings, but also review each case individually to ensure that all of the families’ interests are protected.

There are few challenges greater than watching a loved one descend into the depths of drug and alcohol abuse. By combining the talents of a renowned treatment center with a experienced, solutions-focused law firm, families have a more efficient, reliable, and easier way to help their loved ones get a fresh start

If you know of someone suffering from addiction who refuses to seek treatment, contact the Marchman Act Hotline (561) 246-3852 or visit to learn more.

About the Gabel Center

Located in Fort Myers Beach, along Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Gabel Center brings world class addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment to Southwest Florida. Specializing not only in chemical dependency treatment, but the underlying issues that often contribute to chemical dependency, The Gabel Center utilizes a curriculum rich in experiential treatment modalities to help clients achieve lifelong recovery.

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