Scam Alert : "FL Compliance Notice"

Florida business owners have been receiving a letter that looks to be from a government agency stating that it is a notice (and in some cases “final notice”) to comply with a state and federal law requiring businesses to post current compliant Employment Posters in the workplace.

This scam is hoping to lure business owners into paying from $74 to $114 to avoid a supposed $17,000 fine from the government.

Don’t fall for it, this is a scam! This is not a letter from a government agency. The entity is registered to an address that is a UPS Store PO box, there is no other contact information provided. The fine print on the notice letter advises businesses to return the order form to order the “required” full set of state and federal notices.

If 25 people actually send in a check, they’ve already made approximately $2,100!! Speak to your lawyer if you have any doubts before giving any personal information or money.

Tips to know the letter is a scam:

  • The email provided on the letter finishes with .com. Government websites do not have a .com domain name, they usually have .gov
  • The address from where the letter was sent is a Florida address, but they ask that the payment be sent to another address in California

If you have received this notice, DO NOT do anything until you consult with your attorney. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us – or call (786) 837-6787

Example notice below:

Example Compliance Notice

Example Compliance Notice

*Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to be legal advise. We highly recommend speaking to an attorney if you have any legal concerns. Contacting us through our website does not establish an attorney-client relationship.*