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Franchise Law
Eric Gros-Dubois

Enforcement of Arbitration Clauses in Franchise Agreements

Arbitration is a proceeding that takes place outside of the court room. It essentially allows both the franchisor and franchisee the ability to take their legal disputes to an arbitrator who will, after hearing all the facts and evidence presented by both sides, come to a decision that is binding and enforceable by the courts.

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Business Law
Eric Gros-Dubois

How Important is an Attorney’s fee Clause?

When writing a contract people usually think that putting in the basics about what they are agreeing to and some standard legal language will cover everything with the agreement. However, most people don’t like to think of the possibility that something may go wrong with their contract and may end up having to take that document to court to enforce either the completion of what was set forth within the contract or whatever remedy was set forth for breaching said contract.

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