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EPGD Law Property Law
Business Litigation
Oscar Gomez

How to meet the direct physical loss requirement to obtain property insurance coverage in the age of COVID-19?

As the country enters yet another month of economic uncertainty with regards to the coronavirus pandemic, a great deal of business interruption cases have surfaced. Companies throughout the United States, including many in Miami, Florida, are seeking coverage for their immense losses throughout this pandemic, specifically claiming direct physical damage to substantiate their business income coverage claims.

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Silvino Diaz

What are Business Interruption Claims?

Business Interruption Insurance Coverage is triggered when a disaster causes a suspension or reduction in business operations. This insurance is intended to restore the insured back to the position it would have been in had operations continued as expected, by covering the expenses and income loss incurred.

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EPGD Law C Corp
Business Law
Aviv Asoulin

The Advantages and Disadvantages of C-Corporations

A C-Corporation is the typical corporate structure. However, any company—limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorship—can elect to be taxed as a C-Corporation. Electing to be treated as a C-Corporation is essentially deciding how your entity will be taxed.

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Business Law
Eric Gros-Dubois

Should you Lease Property to a Business?

Saving money on taxes is a great incentive to consider leasing your assets to a corporation.  It is common for shareholders of corporations to lease real estate, equipment, and other property, such as vehicles, to the corporation, either directly or indirectly.

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