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Privacy Law
Silvino Diaz

How can I Report Fraud in Miami, Florida?

In light of the events that have occurred in 2020, fraud claims are on the rise. In Florida, there are several mechanisms to report fraud. The Department of Financial Services has a Fraud and Consumer Protection Initiative. If one believes he/she is a victim of fraud, or suspect that fraud is occurring, he/she can report the individual and/or entity in question.

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EPGD Law Class Action
Business Litigation
Eric Gros-Dubois

Securities Class Action Lawsuits

A securities class action lawsuit is filed by investors who have bought or sold a company’s publicly traded securities within a class period and have suffered economic injury as a result of violations of securities laws.

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Business Law
Eric Gros-Dubois

Why do I need a PPM?

Even companies engaging in private placements frequently have to meet certain disclosure requirements. Such requirements are met through the creation of a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

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