Is there a Registry of Musical Compositions?

What Is ASCAP Repertory Search
ASCAP Repertory Search (“Repertory Search”) is a searchable database that contains information on musical works in the ASCAP Repertory, and certain works controlled by Broadcast Music, Inc. (“BMI”). The Repertory Search has three (3) options for searching: (1) “Songview,” which provides the most comprehensive results including all works in the database; (2) ASCAP Clearance Express (“ACE”), which provides information only on works in the ASCAP Repertory, including works split other PROs; and (3) “ASCAP100%,” which provides information on works in the ASCAP Repertory that are 100% controlled by ASCAP. The Repertory Search database contains information relating to musical works that are written by ASCAP members, BMI affiliates, and some others. For each work, all known writers (regardless of the PRO affiliation) are identified, along with their PRO, and IPI number (“Interested Party Information”).

The Repertory Search database shows aggregated shares, and publisher ownership and/or administration information for the United States. Users outside the United States should contact PROs or mechanical rights licensing organizations in their territory for publisher contact information.

What Is Songview?

Songview is a comprehensive data platform that provides music users with an authoritative view of public performance copyright ownership and administration shares for the majority of music licensed in the US. Songview is the a collaboration between ASCAP and BMI. Songview displays data for more than 20 million works in their libraries, including public domain, and a breakdown of ownership shares in individual works between both PROs

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