Does Florida Have Small Business Certifications?

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Miami-Dade County Small Business Programs

In addition to the Federal and Florida government certifications, small businesses in Miami-Dade County can apply for a local certification called the Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

What is the Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise?

Within the Miami-Dade Internal Services Department, the Small Business Development (SBD) serves the County’s small business community and runs the Small Business Enterprise Programs. The program certifies small businesses and provides the opportunity for small businesses to bid on local government contracts. In the 2015-2016 fiscal year the SBD awarded over $166 million to certified small businesses in Miami-Dade County.

Who can Qualify for the Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise Certifications?

The Small Business Development offers multiple certification programs depending on the type of business. The Small Business Enterprise Certifications are gender and race neutral programs specifically for firms in one of the certification categories. The available certification categories within the Small Business Enterprise are: (1) architectural & engineering, (2) goods and services, and (3) construction. The SBD also offers two additional certifications: the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise for businesses in the transportation contracting market and the Local Developing Business for businesses that provide general aeronautical services to commercial airlines and aircraft operators.

What is Required to Qualify for a Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise Certification?

The eligibility requirements for the Small Business Development certifications depend largely on the category of certification the business will be applying for. As a general rule, the SBD looks at the size of the businesses, its revenue, and its owners.

How to Apply for a Miami-Dade County Small Business Enterprise Certification?

To apply for a Miami-Dade Small Business certification, the business must register with the Small Business Development Division and submit the required documents. Once approved, the certification is valid for a three year period and requires an annual continuing eligibility affidavit.

If you are interested in applying for the Miami-Dade Small Business Enterprise Certification, contract one of our corporate associates at EPGD Business Law to learn more.


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