EPGD Law Shining Star: Rosella Papale

Its time for another Newsies™ spotlight interview. We’re proud to showcase our good friend Rosella Papale of Fast Signs Coral Gables.

Before we begin with the questions, here is a short bio so our readers can get to know Rosella a little better.

I was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela October 15, 1980. Raised by my lovely parents, both doctors with Specialization in Anesthesiology, and a younger sister also who is also a doctor. Currently, my parents are still in Venezuela while my sister resides in Brazil. Following in my parent’s footsteps, I got my Medical degree 2003 and finished my specialization in Anesthesiology in 2008. Because of the political and economic situation Venezuela was and is going through, the country was not giving me the opportunity to keep growing as a person and as a professional. So I decided to move to the United States of America in early 2014, and saw it as an opportunity to start a business so, with all our savings we decided to buy the FASTSIGNS franchise in Coral Gables. The whole process took more than a year but we managed to open our doors June 1st, 2015 (soft opening) and we made our grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony October 30, 2015.

I’ve grown familiar with the Coral Gables community through various endeavors. From the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce membership since 2014, to receiving a nomination to the City Beautiful Awards in 2016.

Currently, I am studying to receive my MBA Specializing in Marketing Management at San Ignacio University while trying to find time for baking, movies, travel, and reading. Fun fact – I speak 3 languages, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Now to the Meat & Potatoes!

  1. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

Wow, this is a hard one…. probably what I don’t have the time to do the rest of the day while working, read more, that will be an important thing to do. I’d learn more and improve myself, or just for fun, I’d travel to other places through a good story!

  1. If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for?

Watching movies, I love to watch movies, almost any kind of movie, I can spend hours watching movies…

  1. When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

I have friends that know I am a doctor, so, sometimes a medical consultation which is funny here because I can’t do much, just give them recommendations on what to do. In my business, they come asking for signs, ideas or to materialize crazy projects, and we make it work!

  1. What is the most annoying question that people ask you?

Aren’t you FASTSIGNS?, with emphasis on the FAST part of the name, customers say it ironically when we tell them we can’t have some stuff as fast as they need, but we do our best to match their stretched deadlines.  

  1. Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?

Well, it was a hard decision. I decided to do what I do now, because it was a faster option for me to move to the United States, but I chose this business because is creative, dynamic, and is another way to keep helping people to solve other kinds of problems they may have and at the end its rewarding and satisfactory when a customer is happy with our job.

  1. Who inspires you to be better?

I think my family, my parents and my sister, they are my rock and inspiration to pursue my goals and work hard to be better in what I do every day.

  1. How would you spend one million dollars?

I will invest a part in the business, other parts to travel, and other parts to bring my parents to live with me here.

  1. If you could live in any period of history, when would it be and why?

Never thought about it… Let’s see… maybe the renaissance period since there were so many interesting things going on then, I will live in Florence… close to Michelangelo and the Medici… lol

  1. What fictional place would you like to visit?

 I would love to go to the wizardry world of Harry Potter, being a witch and have special powers will be amazing!

EPGD Law would like to give a warm thanks to Rosella for taking the time to answer our questions. If you’d like to contact Rosella directly, you may reach her at Rosella.Papale@fastsigns.com or call her store and speak to one of her amazing team members. (305) 747-7115

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