How many DBA’s can a FL company have?

We’ll keep it short and simple this time. Every state has different regulations on DBA’s. For all intents and purposes, we’re just focusing on Florida for this blog.

Florida state law requires a limited liability company (LLC) to operate under the legal name contained in their Articles of Organization. However, the legal name may not always be ideal for branding or for delving into other sectors of the market. Thus, Florida LLCs have the option of working under a fictitious name. The fictitious name is also known as a DBA or doing business as. Florida LLCs are required to register each DBA and ensure that the name is unique. Moreover, Florida LLCs have no limit on the number of DBAs that can be registered to the business. Corporations also do not have a limit on the number of DBAs. The only requirements are that each name must be registered separately, and the registration fee must be paid.

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