In Florida, Are You Allowed to Ask for Copies of Contracts That You Signed?

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Contracts are a pivotal part of our everyday life. Normally, if you sign something, you have the ability, and should, ask for a copy. However, in Florida, the law differs depending on the contract.

How can I ask for a copy of a contract I signed?

            There are three ways that you can ask for a copy of a contract that you signed: (1) in-person, (2) via telephone, or (3) via email. The third option is perhaps the best given that you should always aim for your communications to be in writing; a simple, yet formal, email requesting for a copy should be enough to get the process started.

What contracts can I ask for a copy of in Florida?

            In commercial matters, a buyer is always entitled to request for a copy of the signed contract. This also applies in contracts with your physician. Florida follows the guidelines set by the HIPAA Privacy Rules, which provides individuals with a legal, enforceable, right to see and receive copies, upon request, of the information in their medical and health records maintained by their healthcare providers and health plans; this also includes contracts made with their primary physician.

Florida also allows you to request for a copy of a signed lease agreement pursuant to the guidelines set by the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act, which guarantees for you to ask for a copy of a credit agreement upon request.

What contracts am I not entitled to ask a copy of in Florida?

            Unfortunately, in Florida you are not entitled to a copy of your employee contract unless your employer is a public sector employer; a public sector employer can be an agency of the Federal or State government like the Department of Justice or the Florida Department of State, respectively, or it could even be a local public entity such as the Miami-Dade Police Department. However, even if you are a private sector employee, you should always try to request a copy of the contract, in writing.

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