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What is a qualifying wage in a Florida Reemployment Assistance claim?

The Florida Reemployment Assistance Program has several eligibility criteria it imposes on individuals who apply. To be eligible for monetary benefits, the DEO requires the individual to have a qualifying wage. A qualifying wage means the individual must have (1) been paid wages in two or more of the calendar quarters in the base period, (2) total wages must be at least $3,400, and (3) the total base period must be equal or more than one half times the highest quarter wages.

What is a base period in a Florida Reemployment Assistance claim?

The Florida Reemployment Assistance Program looks at the base period to determine the eligibility. The base period is the first four (4) of the last five (5) completed calendar quarters prior to Reemployment Assistance claim. Only the wages reported by your employer in these precise calendar quarters may be used to determine an individual’s monetary eligibility.

Can out of state wages apply to my Florida claim?

Out of state wages, presumably, are wages that are not earned within the state of Florida, and from an employer that is not Florida based. Out of state wages can be combined with wages earned in the state of Florida to meet the monetary requirements in a Reemployment Assistance claim. However, out of state wages solely will not satisfy the claim and will most likely require unemployment to be collected in the state in which the individual was employed. Per the Florida Reemployment Assistance Program, wages earned in another state during the base period may be combined with wages earned in Florida to either establish eligibility or to increase your weekly benefit and/or maximize benefits. Ultimately, individuals who have not worked in Florida or with a Florida company within the past year before applying for this claim may have recourse.

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