Why Professional Athletes Need Attorneys

Becoming a professional athlete comes with lucrative contracts and fame. The legal issues that
also follow can take advantage of successful players. Having an experienced sports attorney on
your team is essential right from the start of an athletic career and allows the players to focus on
perfecting their craft.

Contract Reviews
Attorneys play an indispensable role negotiating, evaluating and proofreading the complex
contractual deals dictating an athlete’s compensation and obligations. They ensure favorable
terms around salaries, incentives and endorsements while safeguarding clients from potential
pitfalls they may overlook.

Intellectual Property Protection
Legal advisors handle trademark, copyright and image rights registrations to protect and
monetize an athlete’s brand. They also guard against infringement issues like unauthorized use of
a client’s likeness.

Financial Planning and Asset Protection
The sudden wealth of professional sports requires prudent money management. A specialized
attorney structures investments, tax strategies, and estate plans helping prudently grow, preserve,
and transfer wealth. Moreover, customized trusts, wills and asset protection blueprints preserve
wealth despite risks like lawsuits or creditor claims that especially target high earners.

Dispute Resolution
From salary arbitration cases to resolving conflicts with agents, managers and leagues, attorneys
can defend player rights in mediations and before grievance committees. Their credibility and
negotiation skills come in handy.

Reputation Management
The prominence of athletes makes them vulnerable to various lawsuits, scandals or social media
attacks. Skilled attorneys intervene quickly upon legal threats then strategically protect and
rehabilitate their client’s name where warranted.

Business & Charity Guidance
Lawyers handle the legal intricacies when athletes pursue business ventures, partnerships or
charities – securing entities, drafting shareholder agreements and managing regulatory

Before you make career or financial decisions without proper legal guidance, discuss your
situation with the experts at EPGD Business Law. EPGD Business Law offers professional
athletes customized legal counsel for contract negotiations, tax minimization, estate planning,
reputation management and business ventures. Our experienced lawyers help clients protect their
wealth while establishing brands and charitable foundations. Contact EPGD Business Law to
schedule a consultation and discuss how our attorneys can guide you in Miami, Washington D.C.
or New York as you level up across your sports career and beyond.

EPGD Business Law is located in beautiful Coral Gables. Call us at (786) 837-6787, or contact us through the website to schedule a consultation.

*Disclaimer: this blog post is not intended to be legal advice. We highly recommend speaking to an attorney if you have any legal concerns. Contacting us through our website does not establish an attorney-client relationship.*

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Eric Gros-Dubois

Founding partner Eric Gros-Dubois established EPGD Business Law in 2013. With over a decade of experience expanding the firm and leading it to its current success, Eric now primarily manages the corporate division of EPGD. Given Eric’s educational background, holding both a JD and MBA, combined with his own unique experience of starting a business from scratch and growing it to a multi-million dollar firm, he brings a specialized and invaluable perspective to those seeking legal assistance for themselves and their businesses. Having now instilled his same values in our team of skilled corporate associates, Eric leads a firm that is always ready, willing, and equipped to handle any and every legal matter that a business owner may have.


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