Headshot of Ariana Flores

Ariana is from Lima, Peru and currently resides in Miami, FL.

She is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Florida International University and the Bachelor of Laws at Universidad de Lima.

Ariana loves to be involved on campus and has served as Director of the Commission of Corporate Social Responsibility at Advocatus Law Review and Member of Florida International University Model United Nations Team. Ariana enjoys taking new challenges that might further develop her leadership skills, she has served as mentor when working as a Writing Assistant at the Center of Excellence at Florida International University where she assisted with writing intensive courses to facilitate active learning inside the classroom by helping in group dynamics and doing complementary counseling to reinforce the education of college students, aiding in closing the gap between faculty and students.

Before joining EPGD Business Law, Ariana worked as a Legal Intern in the area of Employment and Labor Law at Damma Legal Advisors in Peru, where she presented documents to the National Superintendency of Labor Inspection and made updates on draft laws, resolutions of the Labor Control Court, and labor cassations carried out by the Constitutional Court.

In her free time, Ariana enjoys going to the gym and visiting the beach with her friends. Aside from enjoying going out with her girlfriends, she also has a strong bond with her family and credits her parents for being her number one motivation for wanting a second career outside of her home country, Peru.

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